Trailer Refurbishment In Melbourne

Regardless of the type of cargo being pulled in your trailer, its regular maintenance and repairs are a must to reduce overall cost involved in its repair and to achieve a standard of safety.

Pakenham Trailers offer long chain services of trailer refurbishment in Melbourne that can be used as a great and efficient way to ensure your trailer is well-maintained and that it meets your current and future requirements.

We carry out the refurbishment process swiftly to save the precious time of our clients and transform the trailer radically while increasing its functionality and life. We are a master of trailer refurbishment in Melbourne with over 17 years of experience that makes us capable of offering a mobile trailer servicing and repair facility for almost all types of trailer.

Our Unmatched Trailer Refurbishment Service

Our refurbishment services cover the majority of Melbourne. Equipped with a professional range of tools and equipment, our refurbishing experts provide their power and working ability for trailer servicing.

We are a trailer refurbishing specialist, focused on customer satisfaction and delivering the highest quality service to every client. We undertake all aspects of repairs and modifications. We work with an aim to provide a supreme quality and professional service for both heavy and light commercial trailers along with servicing maintenance inspections.

Servicing and trailer repair in Melbourne are carried out by a service van on site and at times that are convenient to our clients. Pakenham Trailers offer tailored maintenance solutions for the trailer refurbishment in Melbourne. The superior service we offer will be arranged and managed throughout the process.

Our specialization in the repair and maintenance of trailers includes refurbishment of curtail sliders, reefers, box vans, skeletal, etc. All types of trailer refurbishment are carried out by us, no matter how large or small.

Our Services of Trailer Refurbishment Melbourne Include

  • Servicing of trailers
  • Rigid and tough parts repairs
  • Insurance claims
  • Mobile repairs and maintenances
  • Free quotations
  • Tailored repair services
  • Fleet maintenance

Thus, if you have been looking for a reliable trailer refurbishment in Melbourne, then we can be one of your best approaches. Trust us, and contact us today to get started with our refurbishment services.